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Average € savings on Energy


Average € savings on Internet, TV & Calling


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Trust Pilot Website Image Black “Excellent customer service

Just moved to holland from the UK…. daunted by the process of setting up a internet connection in a foreign land….. The lady who helped me spoke perfect english was kind and was simply great at her job!!”
Adam A.
Trust Pilot Website Image Black “Thank you ever so much

I have been really happy by the support i have recieved by Joost. Thank you ever so much for helping me save around €200 on my gas, electric and my internet. thats brilliant savings! Thanks again!”
Dave W.
Trust Pilot Website Image Black “Super service!!! Especially supportive for expats

I got here from Spain and I did not really know what do do and how to get providers. With this amazing service it was very helpful to get all set up very quickly.”
Sina S.
Specialist in helping people move home

We work together with about 1,100 real estate-related companies to help people moving home with their utilities: electricity, gas, internet, telephone, insurance and water free of charge. We ensure that everything works and that meter readings are correctly registered.

14-day cooling off period

Within a week you will receive a confirmation from your new suppliers. Once you receive the confrimation you then have 14 days in which you can cancel the contract free of charge. This legal period is only for private consumers and is not applicable for business contracts.


Expat service

Our multi-lingual employees can arrange everything by phone for expats who do not speak Dutch. This service is always highly regarded by our expat clients.

Switching service

Switching providers is nothing more than an administative action. We see to it that your current contract is cancelled and a new one is activated. Our employees can help you with every step without any extra fees!

Partnerships with suppliers

We work closely with suppliers to keep the lines short. Should anything go wrong along the way, we are usually able to quickly resolve any issues.

All-in tarriffs

All private consumer rates include VAT and other surcharges. All business contract rates are excluding VAT and surcharges. At all times clear and transparent.

Video explination
What do I do with my energy contract if I move home?

In the Netherlands energy contracts are connected to the individual and not the property. Therefore if your moving home you can choose to take your current contract with you or sign a contract with a new energy supplier. Usually it pays to switch.

How does the new supplier know that my energy contract is about to end?

After you’ve made the switch to the new energy supplier, your new supplier checks the Contract Einde Register (Contract End-date Register, or CER) to see when your current contract ends.

Who arranges the cancellation of the old contract when I siwtch providers?

The new supplier will notify the current supplier. Clients do not have to do this themselves. Take a look at your current contract to see which date it ends and what your minimal period of notice for termination is.

Are there extra costs if I arrange everything through utility provider?

No, there are no extra costs to arrange your utilities via Utility Provider. We can offer you our service free of charge because we receive commission from the supplier for every contract signed.

I'm moving home and need internet?

It’s important to know which internet suppliers are available at your new home. You can confirm available suppliers via our postcode check and see which services are available: DSL, cable, or fibreglass.

Once you know the date your will be moving you can apply for an internet contract so that you will be connected. DSL and fiberglass delivery is usually 3-5 weeks, and cable is usually 1-2 weeks.

How long can I think about my new contracts before they officially start?

When signing a pricate consumer contract you have the right to cancel your contract within 14 days if you don’t agree to the terms and conditions. This is the cooling off period and starts the moment you receive the confirmation from your new supplier. Business clients don’t have this cooling off period and the contract starts the moment the contract is signed. We make use of authorisation forms for business clients.

How do I cancel a corporate energy contract?

You are responsible for cancelling your corporate energy contract. We can generate a termination letter if required, but you always remain responsible for the timely cancellation. As a corporate client, you need to take into account the termination period and you can only terminate your contract in writing or by registered mail.