Business Advisors

A business advisor (savings consultant) helps entrepreneurs to cut everyday costs such as energy, internet, telephone, mobile and insurance costs. Utility Provider has access to 130 consultants who can provide non-binding advice to entrepreneurs. Utility Provider takes care of reliable agreements with suppliers, innovative systems, training sessions and quality control.

Benefits for Business Advisors

We deliver a seamless product for business advisors. This is what we can offer:

  • Speed
  • Potentially full agenda
  • Specialised in multilingual
  • Certifcations
  • Compliance
  • Broad range
  • Direct appointment by suppliers
  • We are a financially sound business
  • Fully automated
  • Full service or self service

Utility Provider

Utility Providerworks together with more then 1000 estate agencies in the Netherlands, and is currently expanding into Belgium and the UK. We help people who are moving house by unburdening them from the process of arranging their utilities. You can place an direct order together with the tenant which will be processed within 24 hours, or you can choose for us to contact the tenant and give them advise by phone. Our service is at no cost to your tenants. We receive commission from the suppliers and share this commission with you, our partner.