Arrange Your Home Insurance

Utility Provider congratulates you with you new home. You can arrange all your home insurance with us so that you won’t have to deal with an unexpected surprises.

  • Structure or Building insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Liability insurance

Information About Home Insurance

Structure or Building Insurance

For everyone with a mortgage is this insurance required. You need to have insurance for the structure on the day that the home becomes yours. In this way you can insure the house for damage from a storm, burglary, or fire. The standard insurance covers most things associated with your home:  barn, garage, fences, pipes, plumbing, solar panels and your heating system. You often will need to insurance glass and the foundation seperately. Home insurance covers the reconstuction costs.


Contents Insurance

Most people have a contents insurance which covers everything that you have in your home. Everything in your home is it’s contents. This also covers mopeds and bicycles, en somtimes also garden furniture. Money and other forms of money such as vouchers or public transport chip cards are not included in the contents insurance. These can often be insured to a maximum amount of money. Jewellery and other valuables are generally insured, but only up to certain amounts.


Liability Insurance

Almost everyone in the Netherlands has liability insurance. With this type of insurance you are then insured for damage caused by yourself, your child or your pet. Especially when there is injury, these damage claims can be high.