Compare Internet, TV, and Calling

Utility Provider makes the comparison of various internet subscriptions really easy. We compare the internt subscriptions based on standard monthly and annual tarriffs. We strive to make the reasonably complex market more simple and transparent. If your in the middle of a move, making a decision that best fits with your personal situation can be difficult. Our experts can call you to discuss the options and help you to make the right decision.


Compare Internet, TV, and Calling

Research shows that 73% of the Dutch population chooses for the convenience and cost benefit of an All-in-1 package. If you have stayed with the same provider for a longer period of time, you may no longer benefit from the most competitive price and the most suitable contact for your current situation.

Our post code check application provides you with immediate acces to the available All-in-1 packages at your address. Depending on your situation we can ensure that the package is delivered to your new home or we can arrange the transition to a new supplier. This is the convenience provided by our service. It’s also easy to have just 1 bill for internet, television and home telephone from one single supplier. Not to mention the cost benefit.