Energy Management


Utility Provider can take care of the overall management of your energy affairs. Alongside contract optimisation, in which the rates, terms and conditions take centre stage, we can also offer you an energy monitoring application. This online portal provides real-time insight into consumption at all of your branches and offices.

Benefits of Energy Management?

Our energy management application is the first step in our process to guide you towards a more energy-efficient organisation. We are partnered with the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences to preform research into the benefits of monitoring and managing energy. Initial outcomes show that businesses can cut their energy usage by 10% when energy management applications are applied, leading to both savings and increased sustainability.

Your benefits:

  • Monitor consumption related to actual meter readings
  • Data that is independent from your Supplier
  • Invoice management
  • Insight into the outcomes of energy-saving actions
  • Detection of inefficient energy usage
  • Timely intervention in the event of major deviations
  • Early warning in the event of using more energy then your contracted to use
  • Financial and technical reports which can be compiled seperately and sent

Business Savings

Interested in business savings via Utility Provider? We can make that happen through our competitive procurement with one of our partnered suppliers through our market monitoring system. This system is in place to unburden you from the stress of energy management and supervision, so you can speed your time, money and energy on running your business.