New Commercial Property


Utility Provider congratulates you with your new commercial property. When moving into a new space to do business a lot needs to be arranged. Nothing is better than getting Utility Provider to arrange all of the necessary utilities such as energy, internet, telephone services and water. Utility Provider works together with energy, regional cable, DSL, and IP telephone providers. This service is high quality, aims for the best offers and completely free of extra charges or hidden fees. We select the best suppliers each month based on your business’ requirements.

How does it work?

Once you have signed your rental/purchase agreement and you know the date of the transfer then you are required to arrange your water and energy supplier so that you won’t be shut off. When running a business it’s also crucial to look at internet and telephone services, and have these active as soon as possible. Utility Provider can arrange this for you without any extra charges and to make sure that everything is activated at your new address as soon as you move into your new property. We always first look at your business’ needs to find suppliers that fit your requirements. We can also give you advice on peak load, meters and LED lighting.


Moving your business contracts

If you are about to move into your new premises and you still have an energy contract for your current office it’s good to look at all the options. You easily terminate your exisiting contract on the old premises but you will need to check to see how much time you still have on your contract otherwise the supplier can ask you for compensation. If your not sure about the date Utility Provider can check it for you with your permission. If your in a variable contract without a predetermind expiry date then you are free to move to a new provider without incurring any type of extra charges. It’s important to take an accurate record of your meter readings in both the office premises that your leaving, as well as the new premises that your moving to. By doing this you will have a record which is required by both your outgoing energy supplier as well as the new supplier.