Switch Commercial Suppliers


Would you like to save some real money with Utility Provider? We can optimise a contract for you in which rates, terms and conditions take centre stage. Are you self-employed or een SME? Utility Provider can find the energy contract that suits you best. Too many businesses pay too much for their energy contract.

Commercial Energy

Switching a business to a new energy supplier is simply an administrative action that is easily handled with Utility Provider. We have independent energy consultants who can advise you in a non-binding, personal conversation about matters such as meter control, connection capacity, purchasing, and advance payment audits.


The Energy Market

The energy market where producers and supplier exchange energy is the APX  (Amsterdam Power Exchange). The prices can change rapidly depending on supply and demand, so you may have signed a wonderful contract in 2009 but at the wrong time due to high prices. Because of  increased compeition and volitality in the market, signing a new contract with today’s 2016 prices could save your business a lot of money. You could find a new contract via our online business comparison or you could make an appointment with our independent energy consultants who could visit you to take inventary of your situation and provide you with advise in a non-binding conversation.