Comparing Energy


Comparing energy suppliers through Utility Provider is very simple. We make a comparison based on your personal situation. It can save you hundreds of euros per year if you switch to another energy supplier.

Why Compare?

Most people stay with the same energy provider for years and are now in variable contracts for which the pay more for than a fixed contract. In 2015 a record number of people transfered to another energy supplier, this a trend that is on track to increase in 2016. Many people have started to realise that a lot of money can be saved by switiching providers. Comparing energy suppliers has now become easy on the Utility Provider website.


How to switch?

Utility Provider offers an independent and easy-to-read overview of energy suppliers. A comparisson is quickly made and you can switch overnight to a new energy supplier. Once you have submitted your application we will keep track of it in our system and you have 14 days after receiving the confirmation to think about it. After those 14 days the contract will start and the new energy provider terminates your old energy contract. You are then officially transferred to your new supplier. Utility provider is a user friendly way to facilitate the transition seamlessly.