Moving Home


Utility Provider congratulates you with your new home! There are a lot of things to think about when moving in. To make the move easier we can arrange your utilities easily and independently. Obviously you want the best service and a great offer. Utility Provider works together with energy, regional cable and ADSL suppliers. You do not have to immerse yourself in any of this because we select the best providers, month-by-month, on the basis of your personal requirements.

How does it work?

Once you know the date you will receive the keys to your new home you are then required to arrange an energy and water provider, failing to do so will result in getting shut-off. Internet is not required and can start on the date of your own choosing. Utility Provider can arrange this for you without any extra cost so that the supply will start on the same date that you receive the keys to your new home. Therefore you won’t have to worry about getting everything arranged by the correct date. We always make a comprehensive inventory of all your needs to make sure we select suppliers that meet your requirements. Should you be living in temporary or short-stay accommodation then it wouldn’t be a good idea to sign a long-term contract and would be a better idea to sign a flexible, short-term contract.


Moving home and switching supplier?

If your moving and you still have an energy contract for your current home then you will have to cancel this contract. Please check carefully if your contract still has time remaining on it, otherwise your energy supplier may ask you for compensation. With your permission we can also check if you are still bound to a contract if your not sure how much time you have left. If you have a variable contract, then you are always free to switch suppliers without any extra costs. You can save money by switching to a contract from another supplier with better terms and conditions. If you are still bound by a contract then you will need to contact the supplier to transfer the contract to your new home. At all times the energy supplier will need your meter readings from the home your leaving, as well as the home you moving too. Therefore we recommend taking clear photos of all the meters so that there is a record of the correct meter readings.