Switching Suppliers


It’s a well-known fact that a customer who has been with the same energy supplier for many years is often paying too much. Switching to another energy supplier is often rewarded with lower rates. This is a quick way to save some money.

Help with switching?

Once your application has been entered into our systems, we will monitor it closely. After your order has been entered you will receive a confirmation and then you have a 14-day cooling off period. After  these 14 days your new energy supplier will cancel the old energy contract with your previous energy supplier and your new contract with your new energy supplier will officially start. Make sure you have the meter readings as both your old and your new energy supplier will ask for these readings for billing purposes.


Types of Contracts

You can choose between two different types of enery tarriffs when entering a new energy contract:


  • Variabel rates

An energy contract with a variable rate changes every six monthy, in January and in July. In a declining market the prices fall, in an increasing market prices rise. Variable contracts are usually more expensive than a fixed contract, but they have the advantage that the can be terminated montly.


  • Fixed rates

An energy contract with a fixed rate has rates that will not change for the duration of the contract. You can choose a contract a with a period of one, two, three or five years. It can be interesting to sign a contract for a longer period if the energy rates are currently at a low level. This ensures you will continue to get a good deal for the same period as what is left on your contract.