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Commercial Property Insurance


Your business offices are showcase for your company. You will want to insure it properly because without an office it’s difficult to run a company.

Commercial Property Insurance Coverage

Commercial Property Insurance

  • All material damage to commercial property causedd by fire, lightning, storm or water damage.
  • Costs for experts and costs for preventing or mitigating damage.
  • Hacking and breaking activities for the detechtion and repair of pipeline damage.
  • Damage as a result of snow load is covered to the sum insured to a maximum of €500.000 per event. Snow load is the pressure of a snow or ice layer on the flat roof of a commercial property.
  • Voltage surges caused by lightning is insured to 25% of the sum insured, up to a maximum of €50.000.
  • The following costs are insured up to to 10% of the total insured amount:
    • Clean-up costs
    • Costs for emergency amenities
    • Costs for the ground, street paving, and garden landscaping on you plot of land
    • Loss of rental income

The insured amount is equak to the reinstatement value of the commercial property.


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