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Goods & Inventory Insurance


You need inventory and goods to run your business. A goods and inventory insurance offers extensive coverage against damage to your goods and inventory.

Inventory Insurance Coverage


  • Coverage for damage from fire, storm, water, burglary, theft or lightning
  • Coverage for voltage surges caused by lightning is insured up to 25% of the sum insured. The maximum is €50.000
  • Coverage against hacking and breaking activity for the detection and repair of damage to pipelines is covered to 10% of the sum insured.
  • Damage as a result of snow load is covered to a maximum of €500,000 per event. Snow load is the pressure of a snow of ice layer on a flat roof, whereby your commercial property totally or partially collapses.
  • Inventory is insured for the new value and goods are insured at their current value.


Please contact us for more information about electronics insurance.


Tenants Interest
Tenants interest is insured up to € 10.000. A higher amount is possible. Tenant interest is insured against the new value.


Refrigeration Damage
Refriggeration damage is voor the retail and hospitality sectors and is insured up to €5.000. A higher amount can also be insured. Refrigeration damage is insured at it’s current value.


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