Informatie Bankrekening


Checking accounts are a bank service with which you can use money that is intended for the daily management of deposits, withdrawls and transfers. You have immediate acces to this money for any kind of purchase.

Bank Account for Expats

Many expats who come to the Netherlands need to arrange their energy, internet and water but don’t yet have a Dutch bank account. European Insurance kan arrange a special expat account for this group together with banking partner ABN AMRO.


ABN AMRO is a bank that focuses on expats, by for example, offering all of their services in English next to the traditional Dutch.


Standaard bank account attributes:


Costs € 1,40 per month
Checking account Private account for your daily banking matters
Debit card A card you can use to make payments from your account or withdraw money from your account
Includes Internet banking and mobile banking via the app

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