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Building Insurance


If you have just bought a new house, it is essential to protect it against damage. With this type of insurance your home is insured for damage from fire, storms and burglary. This type of insurance is also required for anyone that has bought a house and has a mortgage. The building insurance must then start on the same day that the house is delivered.

Building Insurance Coverage

Most building insurance companies covers the following:


  • Fire Insurance
    Coverage for: fire, explosions, lightning
  • Comprehensive Risk Insurance (Uitgebreide Gevaren Verzekering – UGV)
    Extra coverage for: storm damage (wind force 7 of meer), diefstal, vandalisme, neerstortende vliegtuigen
  • Ultra-Comprehensive Risk Insurance (Extra uitgebreide Gevarenverzekering – UGV+)
    Extra coverage for: damage through scorching, extreme heat and melthing, water damage that entered the house via the ground floor, hacking and breaking work to find a defective and leaking water pipe
  • All-risk Insurance
    Extra coverage for: all external calamity that causes damage suddenly and unexpectedly. Normally this is with a certain level of own risk per damage, damage to the foundation (indicated per event), broken windows (indicated per event).

Our subsidiary European Insurance is specialised in insurances for people moving home. Take out the insurance onling and receive everything immediately by email. An insurance advisor can also call you to give you advice and support by phone.


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