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Car Insurance


In the Netherlands and European Union you are required by law to have car insurance the moment that the license plate is registered to your’s, your partners, or your parents name. Car insurance is a type of insurance that covers damage caused by or with your own car.

Car Insurance Coverage

In the table bellow you kan see the 3 main types of insurance avaialble in the Netherlands. Liability (WA), Limited Vehicle Insurance (WA + beperkt casco) and All-Risk (WA + volledig casco) as well as what type of damage each type of insurance covers:

Cause of damage



WA + beperkt casco

(Limited vehicle insurance)

WA + volledig casco

(All-risk insurance)

Damage to people and their property
Theft x
Broken windows x
Collision with animals x
Fire x
Explosion x
Extreme weather conditions x
Collisions, skidding and water entry x x


Our subsidary European Insurance is specialised in insurance for people who are moving. You can apply for insurance online or you can also choose for one of our insurance advisors to contact you for more information. After your application is complete you will receive a confirmation by email.


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