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Health Insurance


If you live or work in the Netherlands it is mandarotry to take out basic health insurance. With this package your will be covered for standard health issues. This is for example your doctor, hopstial visits, psychologist, psychiatrist and the pharmacy. The government decides what does and doesn’t belong to the basic insurance package.

Health Care Coverage

The Dutch government decides each year what does and doesn’t get covered in the basic insurance package. The most important attributes that are covered in 2016 are:

1. Hospitalisation
2. Care from a doctor
3. Care by medical specialists
4. Many kinds of prescribed medicines
5. Emergency medical care abroad
6. Materinity Care
7. Diverse aids from homecare
8. Medical transportation (such as by ambulance)
9. Dental care until 18 years of age
10. Psychological care (limited)
11. Phtsicaltherapy (limited)
12. Sports doctor

For all medical needs that aren’t a part of the basic package it is possible to get extra packages from the insurance companies. You can take these packages as extras on top of the basic package.

Our subsidary European Insurance is specialised in insurance for people who are moving. You can apply for insurance online or you can also choose for one of our insurance advisors to contact you for more information. After your application is complete you will receive a confirmation by email.


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