Information About 
Metering Services

Utility Provider works together with an independent and nationwide metering service called EnergieMeetbedrijf2020. Insight into consumption and reduction in consuemption is essential to our effort to deliver the lowest price. An independent metering service that has no ties to any energy supplier or grid operator is essential.

What does an Energy Metering Service Do?

Meter readings are the key to a more energy-conscious world, this is often the starting point for corporate social responsibility from an energy perspective. EnergieMeetbedrijf2020, together with its customers, has been able to generate average savings of 10% per connection. These energy savings have been enabled by the use of ‘smart meter’ and 24/7 online insight into your consumption per connection, per space or per individual appliance.

The benefits for you include:

  • Transparency in an opaque market that is highly volatile.
  • Reduce consumption and waste so that you can cut your costs.
  • Lowest price guarantee.
  • High service level: customer focused and flexible.

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