Compare Internet, TV & Calling


You may be considering moving into a new home and you would like to know which internet providers and packages are available at your new address. You can use our postal code check to see what is available. Your probably want to pay less for you All-in-1 package or require higher speeds because the whole family is using the internet. It is easy to make the transition with the help of our internet comparison system. You always have 14 days in which to change or cancel your contract after signing up and receiving the confirmation.

Moving Home and Internet

First, we would like to congratulate you with your new home. If you move into a new home there is a lot you need to think about and arrange. Utility Provider is the helping hand that can arrange your internet, TV, and telephone connection. We are easy and independent. It is nice that at the moment you receive the keys to your new home, that your internet package is being deliverd by your chosen internet provider. Delivery time depends on the network you chose. ADSL/VDSL and fibreglass tend to take up to 4 weeks whereas cable kan usually be delivered with 1-2 weeks. We work together with all our suppliers to ensure that you can quickly and easily enjoy internet, TV and telephone in your new home at competitive prices.


Transfering Internet

Would you like to use internet, TV and calling for a good price? Look no further, compare the offers of different providers today! In this way you can compare the competitive prices and provide better access to better options, terms and conditions. Make use of our complimentary transferr service so that you can fully enjoy the services as soon as possible.