Internet, TV and Calling


In recent years, there have been a number of developments in the internet market. If you’ve been with the same provider for years then it’s quite possible that you no longer benefit from the best terms, conditions, prices or options. Utility Provider can check it for you!

Which Networks?

It’s easy enough to think that internet is simply internet, however there can be large difference’s between different providers based on network types, geography, and deals.

The most common networks in the Netherlands are:

  • Cable
  • Fibreglass
  • Mobile

ADSL and VDSL networks use telephone line and the technology is reasonably old, many networks are being upgraded to be able to handle more data, and pricing tends to be pretty competitive. The cable network uses COAX cables and offers higher speeds then standaard ADSL/VDSL networks.

Should you choose TV as part of your package then COAX networks is generally better then TV via ADSL/VDSL.

Fibreglass is the most modern system in the Netherlands and can reach the highest speeds. Download and upload speeds are also usually the same, where as with ADSL/VDSL upload speeds are generally 10% of the download speed. The availability of the fibreglass network is visible through our internet comparison system.


Switiching to another Internet Supplier

Maybe you would like to pay less for you All-in-1 package, or you would like higher speeds because the whole family is online with their computers, gaming systems, tablets or smartphones? You can make yes of our free transfer service and switch internet providers via are online comparison system. Once you’ve signed a new contract you always have the 14 days cooling down period in which you can cancel or change your contract.