Water Supply in The Netherlands

There are 10 companies in the Netherlands that ensure the supply of drinking water to the general public. These water companies are run by local provinces and municipalities. The water market is not yet deregulated, meaning that you cannot choose your own water provider, and are subject to take water from the local supplier for your region.

Moving and the Local Water Company

First we would like to congratulate you with your new home. When you move into a new home there are a lot things you have to think about. We can help you with your utilities, including signing up to the local water company for your region. It’s great to know that when you enter into your new home that the water has been arranged. You cannot choose the water company yourself, as this depends on your geographical location and the region that you live in.


Water Company Region’s

In the Netherlands there are 10 regional water companies, here is an overview of the different regions:



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