Expats & Newcomers

Arriving in a new country always has a set of challenges. Utility Provider was founded to make sure that getting basic services up and running becomes a lot easier.


In the Netherlands, many markets have been liberalised, so every person can choose their provider for services like electricity supply or telephone service. This is a good thing, but the range or choice and plans is large and difficult to understand (we’re experts and it often gives us a headache, as pricing and plans change so often).


Another challenge for many people arriving in the Netherlands is the language. Even if most Dutch people speak English (and sometimes other languages), all of the paperwork for basic household services is in Dutch. Contracts are often hard for Dutch people to read and understand, which makes it hard for someone arriving in the Netherlands to get simple things done. This is one area where Utility Provider can really help; we will help you through each step to make sure you get your services plugged in as soon as possible. We arrange your energy, internet, water and mobile.

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